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South India Hotels in (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka)

South Indian Hotels are perfect place for all those fanatics who love to explore places for their favorite food and luxurious accommodation. Furnished with an array of facilities and beautiful ambiance South Indian Hotels are best place to enjoy holiday. In the elegant atmosphere you will find traditional hospitality, luxury of tranquility and yummy food luxury hotels in South India. With its distinctive architecture each hotel in South India poses its own specialty. These South India Hotels are not just a place to stay or means of curbing appetite but a way to satisfy the soul of holidaymakers.

Homestays in Kerala


The “God’s Own Country” is also known for its homestays where you can experience the authentic way of living in an ethnic surrounding. You will have the opportunity to live the life of the local people by taking part in their day today activities. In some places you can practice cooking in the host’s kitchen or enjoy fishing in a local pond or little more extravagantly you can wash and feed their elephant. Whatever is your interest there is something for everyone in the homestays of Kerala…..

Hotels in Tamil Nadu


The Land of Temples offers an array of different experiences in a variety of hotels you get to stay in Tamil Nadu. Whether you are staying a business hotel in Chennai or in a French Colonial Home in Pondicherry or in a Dutch Collector’s house in Tranquebar or in a Chettiar’s Mansion in Karaikudi the well known hospitality of the Tamilians which is steeped in history will be reflected in every place where you travel in Tamil Nadu…

Business Hotels in Bangalore


The Silicon Valley of South India is no way leaner in its Corporate Hospitality. There are plenty of options from modest hotels to luxurious full scale business hotels in Bangalore. Many of the business hotels in Bangalore have all sorts of facilities for the business from ranging from Conference facilities, trade show facilities & Business Centers.